The Tackers in Adults Activities 126

Adults Activities 126The Tackers

What is the goal? The number of Xs in each row and column should match the corresponding numbers for each row and column.

How to play? Look at the numbers written at the top (for the columns) and left (for the rows) of the boxes. These numbers show you the total number of Xs that need to be in that column or row. Start filling the boxes with Xs, leaving blanks where you think there shouldn't be an X. You have finished the puzzle when the count of Xs for the rows and columns matches the corresponding numbers. Some boxes are prefilled to give you a hint.

What cognitive skills would be improved? Attention;Logic & Reasoning;Processing Speed (if timed);Visual Processing;Working Memory

What recognition skills would be improved? Counting;Directions;Numbers;Shapes

What is the difficulty level of this activity? 10 of 10.

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