Word Search Power in Word Search Power 9

Word Search Power 9Word Search Power

What is the goal? Find all the theme-related words in the grid.

How to play?

Expect up to five different types of word clues, as described below.

1. Direct Words: Search for these words as shown, as you would in an 'ordinary' word search puzzle.
2. Wildcard Words: In these words, a few letters will be hidden. You will have to guess those letters to form the word that belongs to the theme.
EXAMPLE: T_GE_ (Theme: Animal)
SOLUTION: The hidden letters are I and R, and the correct word is TIGER.
3. Scrambled Words: The letters in these words will be randomly scrambled. You will have to guess the correct word that belongs to the theme.
EXAMPLE: ZAIZP (Theme: Food)
SOLUTION: The correct word is PIZZA.
4. Cryptic Words: Each letter in these words will be replaced by two digits. These digits represent a group of letters, as shown in the table. You will have to pick the correct letter from each group and form the encrypted word that belongs to the theme.
5. Jumbled Words: Three words will be jumbled up together. The length of each word will also be provided. You will have to extract these words. Once again, each word should belong to the theme.
EXAMPLE: EATESURESN (3 letters, 3 letters, 4 letters) (Theme: Nature)
SOLUTION: The three words are SEA (3 letters), SUN (3 letters) and TREE (4 letters).


Depending upon the level, you might have to search for the words in 2 to 8 directions.

What cognitive skills would be improved? Attention;Auditory Processing;Long-Term Memory;Processing Speed (if timed);Visual Processing;Working Memory

What recognition skills would be improved? Alphabets;Directions;Words

What is the theme of this activity? The theme of this activity is Healthy Results.

What is the difficulty level of this activity? 4 of 10.

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