Connect The Dots Ultimate in Connect The Dots Ultimate 23

Connect The Dots Ultimate 23Connect The Dots Ultimate

What is the goal? Connect all the dots without overlapping the path or connecting with any of the boxes.

How to play?

Start from the Start dot. If this dot is not present, then you can start from any Simple Dot. Then, continue moving in horizontal or vertical directions to connect the other dots. Do not retrace your steps. Also, do not connect with any of the Square Boxes.You have finished the puzzle when all the simple and special dots are connected.

Types of Dots:
There are six (6) types of dots.

Simple Dot: There are no specific rules to be followed when connecting to this dot.

Start Dot: If present, you should start solving the puzzle from this dot.

Finish Dot: If present, you should finish solving the puzzle at this dot.

Portal Dot: There will be either none or two of such dots present. If you connect this dot, jump out from the other portal dot.

Numbered Dot: Connect these dots in the increasing order of the numbers shown. So, connect "1" with "2", then "2" with "3", and so on. If Start Dot is present, connect "1" with the start dot. Note that you can connect several non-numbered dots between the two numbered dots.

Direction Dot: You can enter this dot from any direction other than the one shown by the arrow. Also, you must leave this dot in the arrow direction.

What cognitive skills would be improved? Attention;Processing Speed (if timed);Visual Processing

What recognition skills would be improved? Connections;Directions;Paths;Shapes

What is the difficulty level of this activity? 3 of 10.

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