Connect The Dots Ultimate 17

MonthlyConnect The Dots Ultimate 17

Connect The Dots Ultimate is the perfect book for anyone looking to boost their brainpower. With ten (10) different levels of puzzles, this book provides hours of mind-training entertainment. From easy puzzles that beginners can enjoy to extremely challenging ones that will test even the most seasoned puzzle masters, Connect The Dots Ultimate has something for everyone. These puzzles are excellent for boosting mental skills such as working memory, logic, and reasoning. But reaching mastery is no easy task! So put your thinking cap on and get started.

This is Volume 17 and it contains 30 activities. A new volume of this book is published every month.

Published on: 3 May 2023
File size: 3209kB (PDF)
Pages size: A4
Interior: Greyscale
Views: 46
Downloads: 20

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