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What is the goal? Find at least one 9-letter word and up to 29 other words containing a minimum of 4 letters using only the letters given in the grid. Each letter given in the grid must be used only once in any word you make, and each word must contain the highlighted center letter.

How to play? Using all the letters in the grid, find up to 30 words, including one 9-letter word, each containing 4 letters or more. In making a word, each letter in the grid can be used only once and every word must contain the center letter. Proper nouns (such as the names of people or places, beginning with a capital letter) are not allowed.

What cognitive skills would be improved? Attention;Auditory Processing;Long-Term Memory;Processing Speed (if timed)

What recognition skills would be improved? Alphabets;Counting;Words

Published on: 20 May 2023
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